Building safe, family focused communities: 

Fighting for families is a core component of my reasons for running for the state house.  I believe that we need strong leadership in Olympia that understands the changing face of families across our community and is willing to go to bat for those families.  From issues like increasing the minimum wage, paid family leave, access to healthcare, gender equity and more, creating solutions that build economic opportunity for all, with your family in mind, is my first priority.

Championing our local schools:

As the daughter of a single mother who worked multiple jobs to feed her three kids, education became my “economic opportunity” in my small rural farming community - and like most Washingtonians - access to education became the difference between the chance for an equal playing field or a stacked deck. 

I was lucky.  I benefited from the Head Start program.  I had elementary and secondary school teachers whose classrooms were small enough to afford me individual attention when I went through foster care. I had high school teachers who stepped up when my mother, who had never graduated from high school, didn’t know how to help me think about, let alone prepare for an education beyond high school.  I had community leaders willing to provide scholarships and a state that invested in grants to send me to a four year school.  Those same opportunities are dwindling daily with the increasing cost of education.

We must make certain that education at every level; K-12, short-term training, four year or graduate education, is accessible, affordable and building the workforce to meet the industry jobs of the 21st century to empower economic opportunity for all families in our state.

Promoting strong public transportation options:

I am convinced that public transportation is a necessity to a strong and vibrant community.  As someone who relies on public transportation to help me commute between my home and my job, I know that it takes strong partnerships between all levels of government to ensure that access to jobs, schools, healthcare and family in all parts of the region is possible.  Public transit is that connector, but without strong investments by local, state and federal levels; economic opportunity for all families is limited to the reach of their transit system and its affordability.

Increasing access, utilization and affordability of public transportation is a key element of a strong economy for our region and is a key priority for me in representing you and your family in Olympia.

Serving Those Who Have Served:

I strongly believe that sending troops to war is a last resort, but I am deeply committed to ensuring that when we do, we provide the necessary support systems at all levels focused on serving those who have served our country.

My twin brother, Christopher, has served in the United States Air Force for more than a decade and a half and has been an inspiration to me in my passion for serving military families and veterans.  I look forward to bringing nearly a decade of experience in supporting servicemembers and their families to my effort to build economic opportunity for all in Olympia.

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